Talented violinist has made a fresh start by creating super cute dog clothes


A violinist who lost all her job when the pandemic struck has now found a new string in her bow – thanks to her beloved companion dogs.

When Covid struck last year, Charlotte Moseley saw all of her gigs and concerts for the next two years canceled and believed her career was over.

But his fortunes changed when one of his two beloved dogs jumped into a pond, got muddy, and ruined the little coat he was wearing.

Instead of going out and buying him a new one, she decided to make one herself – and that’s when the classical violinist pivoted and found himself embarking on a lucrative new career.

Hugo and Ted, Charlotte Moseley’s two dogs

She created Hugo and Ted – named after her two dogs – which make dog clothes and just completed her 1,000th order, with hundreds more flooding each day.

Charlotte, 28, from Redditch, is a former leader of the Youth Wing of the Birmingham City Symphony Orchestra and was educated at the highly regarded Chathams School of Music in Manchester and later at the Royal College of Music in London.

After graduating in 2018, she had a successful nascent career, with gigs and solo concerts booked until 2022, including with the Worcester-based English Symphony Orchestra.

Charlotte mosley
Charlotte Moseley, with her two dogs in her new business premises

But then the pandemic hit last year and her world was turned upside down.

“I did my last gig on March 17th, and then everything was canceled – in one day, I lost all my work for the next six months,” she said.

“At the time I was in disbelief, but I kept training because I thought it would be over soon, but the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months.”

But last October, fate intervened in the form of one of his two miniature long-haired dachshunds, Teddy.

“Teddy fell into a muddy pond and completely ruined his sweater, so I thought well, rather than buying a new one, I will make one,” she said.

One of the handbags from the Hugo and Ted range by Charlotte Moseley
One of the handbags from the Hugo and Ted range by Charlotte Moseley

“I already had the installation because, as a hobby, I made concert clothes for classical musicians.

“I made Teddy a new coat, I thought it was cute, so put a picture of him wearing it on my Facebook page and people started texting me asking me to make them one. “

She accepted all requests and quickly made coats, sweaters and other dog clothes. She then decided to take it a step further and start selling them on the Etsy online store and had 150 orders.

“It just developed from there – I had a lot of people texting me asking if I was doing anything other than dog clothes,” she said.

“My father then suggested that I start it as a limited company and a legal brand.

A coffee cover from the Hugo and Ted range
A coffee cover from the Hugo and Ted range

“I didn’t do any advertising, it was just word of mouth, and it went from 150 sales in December to my 1,000th order in February.

“Maybe it’s just a phase, but right now people can’t get enough of these things!”

Business is booming so much that Charlotte, who is engaged, has had to rent units at Bordesley Hall Farm Barns in Alvechurch and employ three local seamstresses who lost their jobs during the pandemic.

Although Charlotte initially started making coats because she struggled to find clothes that matched the long sausage body of her two dogs, she now makes clothes for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Customers send in detailed measurements of their dog, choose the color and design, and then order it all online on the website.

Prices start at £ 20 for a puppy coat, £ 36 for a quilted coat for a larger dog and £ 25 for a polo neck sweater.

The range has grown to include custom case covers at £ 70, make-up bags at £ 12, £ 18 for a laptop bag and £ 6 for card holders.

Other items in the line include scrunchies, toiletry bags, scarves, collars, leashes, bow ties and handbags – for dogs and humans.

Charlotte is completely self-taught – her only degrees are a GCSE in textiles. She even created her own website by following YouTube videos.

With foreclosure restrictions due to the facility in the coming months and the likely return of concerts, Charlotte is uncertain about her own future.

“I would love to become a violinist again in the future, but maybe be a little more picky about the work I do,” she said.

“I love directing Hugo and Ted and even if it goes so well, it would be crazy not to make the most of it. And I would like to give back company money to the artists and musicians who struggle during these challenges times. “

The website is hugoandtedltd.com


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