Zac Brown Band Balance Serious + Playful Sides with two new songs



The Zac Brown Band pays homage to its roots in a pair of new songs, “Stubborn Pride” and “Paradise Lost on Me”.

The smoky voice of singer Zac Brown takes center stage in “Stubborn Pride,” a song that takes the experimental group back to its country foundation. The seven-minute lament, which stars American artist Marcus King, chronicles a man’s journey from an ego-ruled life to a search for a life partner who settles his wild spirit.

My stubborn pride / Placed on the ground / Burnt all the bridges / I knew before / You pulled me out of the fire / So I won’t face the flames alone / And I gave this gypsy heart / The only house that ‘he never knew“he proclaims over a moving melody and corresponding backing chorus, the song ending with an extended guitar solo.

Meanwhile, the airy “Paradise Lost on Me” thwarts the serious nature of “Stubborn Pride”. “Paradise” is reminiscent of carefree ZBB hits like “Toes” and “Knee Deep”. An inviting melody transports the listener to a tropical setting, as Brown uses white sand, frozen margaritas, and sunsets to paint the picture of a perfect day at the beach where he met the woman of his dreams. When the song fades, the sunny love story allows the listener to choose how it ends.

“’Stubborn Pride’ means a lot to me. I love the poetry of the verses of this one. Sometimes it takes a long time for people to get everything going. But with your stubborn pride, it’s hard to admit that you got a little wrong and need a change. I tell people who are struggling it’s never too late to get it right, “Brown shares in a press release, adding that” Paradise “is” the happiest sad song we’ve ever made. “.

“The guy found love there in that place and never found anything like it again, so he’s coming back to that place to be close to where it happened,” he continues. “In the song, we never reveal what happened to him, but you know it’s something he could never get over. You have to write your own story.”

The new tracks arrive as current single “Same Boat” climbs the charts, currently in the Top 25 on the Billboard Country distribution table. The Grammy winners are set to embark on the Comeback Tour, which kicks off Thursday August 5 in New Jersey and runs through October when they end at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville on October 17.

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