The Last Guardian composer Takeshi Furukawa works on the music for Planet of Lana

The next adventure game from developer Wishfully, Planet of Lana, will have The Last Guardian’s composer working on his music.

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There are a lot of different indie games coming out next year, many of them looking pretty stunning. Many of those coming to Xbox are also very promising. It can range from the atmosphere and the dreary Somerville, cute Zelda-esque action-adventure title Tunic. Another of those indie side-scrollers will be another gorgeous game, known as Lana’s planet from independent developer Wishfully.

Lana’s planet was first revealed earlier this year at Summer Game Fest, with a trailer showing a young girl named Lana and her feline companion. The side-scoller also shows that Lana and her cat are being chased by something sinister, with spider-like robots chasing her. The game then featured a second trailer at The Game Awards showing not only more gameplay, but also music by Takeshi Furukawa, from The Last Guardian notoriety.


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According to Furukawa, after his work on The Last Guardian was finished, he met the Swedish studio who shared his vision for Lana’s planet. The composer fell in love with the concept of adventures with the sincere duo, joining the project. This was then followed by a new trailer for Lana’s planet, which gave fans a taste of what to expect regarding the game and its music.

This new Lana’s planet the trailer showed Lana riding on the back of one of the spider-like robots featured in the previous trailer, crossing the surface of the planet. She is however attacked by a series of robots on a journey through the desert, with many robots of different shapes and sizes. They all seem to be chasing her for some unknown reason, while Furukawa’s explosive score is played in the background. The trailer’s end shot shows Lana face down after being attacked by the robots, with her companion trying to wake her up.

Besides the composer, The Last Guardian even has a similar premise to Lana’s planet, where players are placed in the shoes of a protagonist accompanied by a pet. The difference being that Trico is a giant griffin-like beast while Lana’s cat-like creature is much smaller in comparison. The trailer shows that Lana’s planet has a lot of promise, thanks to its beautiful visuals enhanced by Furukawa’s intense orchestral score.

Lana’s planet is slated for release in 2022 for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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