Taylor Swift Shades Exes Who Think ‘Red’ Songs Are About Them


Taylor Swift.

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A familiar story. Taylor Swift is in a very different place than she was when Red initially dropped in 2012 – and she doesn’t focus on what the exes behind her songs think about the new releases.

“To be honest, I didn’t think about their experience,” Swift, 31, said during an appearance on Late night with Seth Meyers Thursday, November 11, one day before the release of the reissue.

For the songwriter, reliving the experience the second time around is “really the way to do it”, compared to the heartache that inspired the original record.

“[I was] very sad. … But this time, I have sunglasses and a mojito, and it’s cold this time, ”she noted. “It’s really nice to be able to release this album and not be sad. Don’t take a break between interviews to cry. I’m telling you, it’s much better this way.

The fan favorite album features the breakup anthems “All Too Well” and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”, the lyrics of which hint at Swift’s whirlwind relationship with Jake gyllenhaal. The duo dated for three months in 2010 and the Miss American released star Red two years later.

“It originally came out about ten years ago, and I was 22, and this week of release has been so stressful because no one heard the music,” said Swift, who is releasing. with him. Joe alwyn since 2017, recalled Thursday. “There are, like, 14 different genres on this album. It is a real patchwork of genre. I was really experimenting.

The Pennsylvania native released the updated version of Red – with 30 tracks – on Friday, November 12.

Most of the lyrics evoked Swift and Gyllenhaal’s past romance with lyrics that said, “And I was thinking about the descent / Anytime he’s gonna say it’s love / You never called him like it was / Until we were dead and gone and buried / Check the pulse and come back / Swearing it’s the same / After three months in the grave.

In addition to the highly anticipated 10-minute rendition of “All Too Well,” Swift will unveil a short film starring Sadie sink and Dylan o’brien based on the song. Ahead of her release, Swift sprang from the collaborative atmosphere she fostered while directing the two lead roles.

“Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien were incredible actors in this short film and they couldn’t have blown me away any more,” the performer said on the Tonight’s Show with Jimmy Fallon Thursday. “It was the most amazing experience working with people who are so prepared, engaged and the chemistry between them is just on another planet.”

Swift has hinted that her fans aren’t ready for what lies ahead – and revealed there was even a specific section of the video that took her by surprise.

“They were so electric and [improvising] a lot of what they were doing we couldn’t take the camera away from them. We couldn’t cut. We couldn’t edit, ”she said. “So there was a really long shot with a camera that lasts a very long time and when you look at that you don’t know. You don’t realize it because they are so magnetic. They really are.

Ahead of the premiere of the short, eagle-eyed Swifties was quick to point out that Sink, 19, and O’Brien, 30, were in the same age range as Swift and Gyllenhaal, 40. , would have been during their brief romance. Fans even noticed that the Teen wolf The alum outfit is eerily similar to the one Gyllenhaal wore in 2010 when he was pictured with Swift.

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