Prominent rapper Talwar Bhai set to release a dozen songs in the coming months

Yes, according to reports, Talwar Bhai has completed the music production work of over a dozen songs and is set to release them in the next few months.

The entertainment industry seems like a fairy tale to anyone who only sees the spotlight, but the struggle behind it is real. Amit Sharma aka Talwar Bhai is a prominent rapper, lyricist and songwriter who has found his way into the entertainment industry with his hard work and passion to do something bigger in life. He became an internet sensation as both of his songs received over a lakh of views on YouTube, making him an internet sensation. Talwar Bhai also has a validated Spotify and Apple Music account.

He has posted over 7 songs on YouTube and other streaming sites so far. His songs such as Thari cat chaal, Kohinoor, Ek number, Yaad hai and others received a very astonishing echo from the public. Jaipur based rapper Talwar Bhai was born on December 6, 2000, he started his rap career in 2015. And at a very young age he released his first rap song on July 30, 2015 titled Phela rap (Kabir singh). Not only that, the first half of this song was written by himself, the other half was written by a paid lyricist. He is also very interested in writing his songs.

Talwar graduated in 2021. Asked about his youth, he said he was very close to music as a child. As a birthday present, her grandfather gave her an iPod. This moment was priceless and unforgettable for him, and it will remain so forever. Talwar always had the support of his mother, and he revealed that his mother covered the full cost of her first song with her savings so that Talwar could start his music career. She has always been a strong supporter of her profession and her aspirations. She trusts him and hopes that one day he will make her proud.

Amit Sharma alias Talwar Bhai strives to seek more success in the musical field. He sees it as a goal for which he is unable to sleep and has to work as much as possible. He doesn’t follow anyone, so he’s his only source of inspiration !! He claims that for everyone his artist name, TALWAR BHAI, is just a name, but to him it is like GOD and an emotion that encourages him to achieve his life goals. He says I want to give my listeners a different musical vibe. He always ends every song with the tagline “terayaartalwar” and he has an official logo for his stage name Talwar Bhai, as well as the rights to it.

He can’t wait to make many more songs on his YouTube channel which should make a lasting impression like the other songs he has done.

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