Music composer Eimear Noone was the first woman to lead the Oscars



If you’ve ever spent a weekend exploring the world of modern video games, then I’m willing to bet a bunch of platinum-plated PlayStation 5s you’ve come across working as a songwriter, conductor, and versatile musical mage. Eímear Noone.

Winged as the Irish Queen of Game Music, the Galway-raised woman has led the way in the industry over the past decade through her expressive and unmistakable work of soundtracks such as multi-million pound franchises such as World Of Warcraft, Overwatch and the Legend of Zelda.

However, while she spent many summers in her youth soaking up the sights and sounds of the arcades while on vacation in Wexford and her family home was furnished with the standard Atari number 2600 which was a staple of most From the childhoods of the 80s, conquering the realm of video games was never an ambition in the beginning.


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