Lataji will always be with us through her songs, says Sugandha Mishra, who has impersonated the legendary singer in shows

Lata Mangeshkar’s voice touched the hearts of many people. She was known as the Nightingale of India and all aspiring singers were inspired by her.

Actress Sugandha Mishra has also followed the legendary singer’s life closely. And even his mannerisms. Sugandha is known to imitate Lataji. She has done this in a number of comedy shows and at events.

Lata Mangeshkar passed away this morning and the whole nation is in mourning. Sugandha, who is also grieving, told us, “I was heartbroken after hearing the news of his passing. She was Lata didi for the whole country and due to her amazing work she is known as the Nightingale of India. I am extremely sad that she is no longer around us but through her voice she will always be with us. I know for a fact that her blessings will always be there for all of us no matter where she is.

Sugandha shares how she grew up listening to Lataji’s songs. “I have heard her songs since I was a child and in fact we all grew up listening to her songs. Her tracks have always inspired me and she will inspire all generations to come through her melody. With a very heavy heart, I’m trying to absorb the fact that she’s not around us anymore. She was a living legend and I think legends never die,” Sugandha said.

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