Composer Nathan Felix releases Texas Skies with pianist Timo Andres



New York, NY, November 03, 2021 – ( – Composer Nathan Felix is ​​about to release a new classical music recording inspired by the different skies and landscapes of the state of Texas. The music, written for two pianos, features New York pianist Timo Andres, who recorded both piano parts. The appropriately titled album Texas Skies was mixed by Danny Reisch and also includes remixes by sound artist Justin Boyd and Dead Leaf Echo, will be released and available to stream and download worldwide on all digital platforms on Friday, November 19.

Felix met Andres in 2018 in a dungeon-bar in a Baroque castle from 1593, set in beautiful nature on an island in a lake surrounded by forests and fields, just 15 km west of Vejle in Denmark called Engelsholm . Andres has been a guest speaker at an annual composers conference for KODA, the Danish performing rights organization. Fast forwarding amid the pandemic with all public performances canceled, Felix turned to recording. He contacted Andres to ask if he would take a look at his composition written for two pianos. Andres agreed to take a look at the sheet music and responded a week later interested in recording the two piano parts and filming them as well.

Two music videos, including the aforementioned Andres film recording, will be released on November 19 on Felix’s YouTube channel. The secondary video features actress Shelby Templer participating in Felix’s Rebirth film series in which the viewer watches Gueverra staring at the camera as her face turns red and she shivers.

Texas Skies, was inspired by Felix’s childhood memories of driving through Texas on family vacations and subsequent adventures to Marfa, Balmorhea, Alpine, Longview, Amarillo, Laredo and more. The composition is divided into four movements: I. West Texas II. East Texas III. The Panhandle IV. The wall. The illustrations on the album are by San Antonio painter Michael Carnes.

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Nathan Felix. High resolution images and additional press materials are available on Felix’s website.

Who: Nathan Félix
What: Studio recording for two pianos, Texas Skies, with Timo Andres and remixes of Justin Boyd and Dead Leaf Echo
When: Friday November 19, 2021
Where: Worldwide on all digital platforms (i.e. Spotify, iTunes, etc.)

About Nathan Félix:
Nathan Felix (born 1981) is an American-Mexican music composer known for his immersive operas and experimental films. His music has premiered in Bulgaria, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Mongolia and the United States and his music has been featured on the BBC, MTV, NPR and PBS.

His first major orchestral work was presented by the BBC and later turned into a documentary called The Curse & The Symphony. The award-winning documentary has been screened at 52 film festivals and distributed by Gaiam TV. Felix was featured on PBS and nominated for a Lonestar Emmy for his work on his 6-Piano project in which he restored six pianos for a concert featuring two new pieces. After the concert, Felix donated the pianos to schools in popular Austin neighborhoods. The 6 Piano Project has since been commissioned in San Antonio (2016), Barcelona (2017), Melbourne (2017) and Houston (2019).


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