Cambria Honor Loan: non-repayable loan

Loans of honor of the Cambria Region and information about the announcement to allocate the money allocated for non -repayable loans . Let’s find out who the call for tenders is, what are the requirements to access them and how to apply for the desired loan.


Cambria Region Honor Loans: who are they for?


The loan of honor is a loan offered on extremely advantageous terms compared to normal loans available on the market. The Cambria Region allocates a certain amount each year to allow the development of new businesses and more. These funds are aimed at reviving the economy of the region, which certainly does not pay in excellent condition, and consequently re-launch the entire country through regional initiatives. The category to which the loans of honor are addressed is in particular that of young people.


To combat youth unemployment

To combat youth unemployment

Which has reached unsustainable values ​​for a developed country like Italy, one of the solutions is that of loans that are partly non-repayable. This means that of the sum that will be anticipated, that which we will have to return will be only a part of it. It is therefore an excellent opportunity for all young people who want to start a business, given that in the case of “classic” loans, reimbursement costs are in many cases an insurmountable obstacle, which pushes many young people to renounce the realization of your project.

The announcement of the Cambria Region is also aimed at women. In fact, female entrepreneurship is the second concept on which the idea of ​​loans of honor is based. Regarding the sum that we will have to return, it should be underlined that also in this case the interest rate is much lower than the rates usually applied. Finally, it is good to specify how the loan of honor is not addressed exclusively to those who are willing to start a business. Even those wishing to pursue a career as self-employed but need initial funding, can take advantage of the extremely convenient treatment offered by this type of product.


Requirements to call for loans to the Lost Fund in Cambria

Requirements to call for loans to the Lost Fund in Campania

Therefore, the Campano loan is a unique opportunity for all young people who want to enter the world of work as freelancers or want to start their own business. As is easily imagined, the requests to receive funding offered by the Cambria Region are very numerous , and these are accepted until the funds allocated by the region are exhausted. So let’s see what are the requirements that must be respected to participate in the announcement and hope to obtain the desired loan, which would allow the realization of their dream.

The first fundamental requirement, as already mentioned above, is to be young. In particular, this characteristic turns into the constraint of being in an age between 18 and 35 years . Regarding the residence , this must be at least 6 months in the Cambria Region . Otherwise, our advice is to inform you about active tenders in your region of residence. Finally, you must be unemployed and not be a business owner or a VAT number for at least 6 months.


If you meet the requirements listed above

If you meet the requirements listed above

Then you can participate in the call for an honor loan in Cambria. On the website of the Region you will find all the instructions to present the application, with the form to be completed and the list of documents that you will have to present to the relevant office. Once you have followed all the steps described on the website, what will be left to do will only wait and hope for a positive outcome. Usually the time to receive an answer is around 60 days, so hurry up to submit the question if you do not want to remain excluded from the possibility of realizing your dream thanks to a non-repayable loan.